A Good Helper- Airwheel S6 Mini Saddle-equipped Electric Scooter in the Exhibition

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Abstract: Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter is just right meant for those people who often attend to exhibitions for purchase or looking around. S6 a good helper equipped with a seat is labor-saving for them in the exhibitions.

A large amount of people need to have business trips for exhibitions. In mentions of exhibitions, there is one, IAAPA Attractions Expo which is coming. It's an interesting thing to attend exhibitions since various products or some artworks can be enjoyed. However, the annoying thing still exists that is to get tired and sightseers can't watch each product one by one. Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter is just right meant for those people.

Airwheel S6

This sitting posture electric drift hoverboard comes with a seat boasting the maximum speed 18km/h which is totally enough to look around the whole exhibition. But in consideration of dense population in the exhibition, it's better for users to control the speed no more than 12 kilometers per hour. Moreover S6 has been set a speed limit 12km/h which is to guarantee users' safety.

Airwheel S6

With the help of the adjustable seat, users can adjust it into the suitable height, and it is available to stand or sit during the ride. Under this situation, most users would like to be sitting to ride. It's labor-saving and energy-saving. By the way S6 electric skateboards is paired with a wireless remote control which is used to lock or unlock the vehicle. If users need to stop to visit some booths, it's quite easy just to press the lock button. And then for the safety of vehicle, users may rest assure it. Thus, users in the exhibition can view more products and make more business friends.

Airwheel S6 is a good helper for those people needing to attend exhibitions.

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