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The Airwheels professional trainers provide one on one coaching sessions tailored to the individual needs.  The cost of a one and a half hour coaching session is $90.  Price includes Airwheel rental if required.
There is no maximum age limit but parental supervision is required for children under 14.
The team are currently offering individual coaching in the Auckland and Whangarei area at times, dates and locations to suit the client.  If you are outside of these areas still fill in the form and we will be sure to get in touch as soon as we have a qualified trainer in your area.
Our dedicated and professional Airwheel New Zealand training team bring you safe, well-developed and fun lessons for all.
Our lessons are designed to break the learning process down into small achievable steps reducing the development of bad habits from the start.  We will fast track your learning to assist you in achieving an enjoyable and safe riding experience in a fraction of the time that it would take you without our handy tips, coaching and mentoring.
For your piece of mind and welfare, our training sessions are held in a safe environment and all our coaches hold a current 1st Aid work place certificate.
Our trainers enthusiasm and passion for this exciting new sport and futuristic method of cost effective transportation is infectious and we are keen to share this passion with you. We will be there at your side giving encouragement, tips and loads of high fives!  Be warned though..... Airwheeling is very addictive and you will get hooked!
The Airwheel Team believe there are no age barriers and have the skills to adjust to your individual needs however we do request parental supervision under 14 years of age. All our training sessions include the provision of Airwheels, training aids and safety equipment if required.
Expect to have loads of fun, and the feeling that you’re in safe hands. You will roll away happy with a new found confidence in yourself, knowledge of the product, and a feeling that this magical experience of gliding everywhere and anywhere effortlessly is totally achievable for anybody . With all the basics nailed, you will be able to go home to practice, practice, and practice in a safe manner with clear goals and progress in mind. With these new skills there should no reason to put yourself or your Airwheel at risk to injury or damage, thus enabling you to enjoy the learning process safely.  Hey!  You only get to learn things once, so why not do it right first time and enjoy the process.
Bring with you flat, covered foot wear, a positive attitude, patience, and good strong laughing muscles!  Feel free to bring any of your own safety gear i.e. helmet and pads, these are not entirely necessary as we do have these on offer and some people feel more confident with protection. If you really want, we can wrap you in bubble wrap! Long pants are also advisable.