Airwheel – Exploring a new Era

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Airwheel – Exploring a new Era


While people are paying more attention to the environment, new transportation tools like Tesla and Airwheel self-balancing unicycle are getting more attention. As they are electric powered and are the greenest way of transportation.

What exactly is an electric self-balancing unicycle?

It has one wheel. It has an electric motor. It has built-in sensors that determine whether it is leaning backward or forward along the disk-plane of the wheel. If the sensors determine that the centre-of-gravity is forward of the axle of the wheel, it speeds up the motor to try to keep the device balanced. That makes you speed up. If the sensors determine that the centre-of-gravity is behind the axle of the wheel, it slows down the motor to try to maintain balance. That makes you slow down. Lean forward to accelerate or go forward, and lean back to brake or go back word. It is all that simple.


The reason we choose Airwheel:

Fold down the pedals, step on and glide away. No hands, no seat, just magic carpet. It’s also the lightest and is the most convenient to carry around. You can also carry the Airwheel onto subways, into grocery stores or into the backseat of taxis. It’s the size of a round briefcase and has a handle on top. You can use it to buy groceries, pick up sushi and ride to the office, and catch all the eyes around you saying “Cool!”. That is how we are enjoying every moment with Airwheel.


I want to have one Airwheel

Try to contact below:

Contact: Ms Maria

Tel:  +971 4 8870740   (Fax. +971 4 8870741)

Add: Unit RA08LA05, Jebal Ali Free Zone, Dubai – UAE, P.O.Box 262670




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