Airwheel: born for environment friendly.

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  What time the personal vehicle was start to pop up? Back to the original intelligence vehicle, during that time, nobody can predict the today’s market, in toady, this was regarded as work vehicle and entertainment toy vehicles has play great role run through the history,

  The ancestor of intelligence scooter Segway, started to batch production during the millennium.

  The intelligence car originator Segway electric vehicle ( ), has started to batch production since new millennium, during that period, it was shining people’s eye, the handsome profile attacting people’s curiosity, started to observation this new model. At that period, besides the Segway, not more other products similar, by standing the now intelligence industry to review the history Segway, insufficient flexibility, and extremely expensive and couldn’t carry out the job of user experience.

Airwheel two wheeled balancing scooter: born for environment friendly

  So many years after the occurrence of segway, the intelligence vehicle field has shine around full industry, the path of evolution never lonely, the skateboard, scooter, folding electric one wheel , one wheel unicycle till the intelligence self balancing scooter, whatever how developed the intelligence scooter market, the electric vehicle of replacing the walk is just a concept in ideas, long way to reach in reality.

  In this background, Airwheel was born; Airwheel was vividly focused on the environment protection and energy saving concepts, from electric unicycle and double wheeled the self balancing scooter, Airwheel is strive to extremely perfection, on the situation of domestic market are not stable and customer was not able to judge the good or bad from so many brands, the market needs more professional brand like Airwheel.

  Airwheel produced intelligence unicycle Q series mars mover, weight is around 10kgs, the most weight self balancing scooter S3 is only 22.4kgs, this is can easily lift by adults, stocking in limited space, the riding distance can matching with the automobiles, Airwheel S3 riding distance range is 65km, Of course, in actual use, but also according to the weight of the user. Road conditions and other conditions

  Many people in the choice of balancing one wheel scooter , all considering of the energy saving, environment protection, energy saving is the problem more concerned in recent years, the balancing scooter which is produced by Airwheel, is help establish the environment protection, ultimately fulfilled to the products in practical, truly reach the environment friendly and energy saving.

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