Self-balancing Q3 scooter, something to award yourself at the beginning of 2015

  • Source:Airwheel

Tell You Something About Q3 electric unicycle:

Not a Luxury Toy


Airwheel, electric unicycle, Airwheel scooter


Q3 stages as a masterpiece of the revolutionary twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter. It is dedicated in not only the innovation of the exterior design, but also the product range and basic configuration for better user experience. Ever since Solowheel electric unicycle prevails worldwide, this emerging industry has been expanding rapidly. Airwheel takes a different approach from other manufacturers: continuing innovation in various senses.

Superior Performance


Airwheel, electric unicycle, Airwheel scooter

Thanks to the twin-wheeled design, the minor bumps will be properly filtered at turns, and the widened contact plane delivers stronger grip effect. Those who have tried Q3 electric scooter commented it as “solid whenever at turn or bumps”. Airwheel R&D team has been committed to further upgrading the battery range of electric unicycles from around 20km to 45km, which is the top range among intelligent scooters worldwide.


Innovative Design Concept

Inspired by Airwheel Q3 electric unicycle, in the near future, there will be more products with high price-performance ratio launched to intelligent transportation market. We’d like to express our appreciation again to Airwheel team for bringing us such an exciting intelligent scooter. They realize superior performance whilst staying to a medium-end price.

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