Airwheel Q1 electric unicycle - Small stature big power

  • Source:Airwheel

Small Airwheel Q1, whether in terms of quality, or function, is definitely a strong strength! According to the seller reports, Airwheel software has been constantly upgrading, this Q1 system is up to date. Got into the car, really extraordinary. In my practice schedule this estimate not a week, you can ride to go to work, think about the fun!

Perhaps the reason is because a small child, I always prefer the small size of the items, choose the rover is certainly no exception.  In each brand flagship stores are in a circle, will evaluate all colors looked again, and finally decided to buy Airwheel, do not plan anything else, Fig cost-effective.


Airwheel, electric unicycle, Airwheel scooter

Although it is a new car, which is resistant to the consumption of batteries is also too much. Power output throughout the car is very stable and smooth ride slowly, the car slowly driving forward firmly, not one to dampen the feeling; riding fast, but also with the car was effortless, I even feel the car to increase power output, speed naturally come up.



Airwheel, electric unicycle, Airwheel scooter


Finally, pay tribute to Airwheel Q1 rover imported batteries at the park playing more than one hour, the battery there are three grid electricity. My work place close to home, every day, drove completely unnecessary, does not burn oil rover will be my travel assistant.

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