Airwheel A3 sitting posture self-balancing scooter Comes to Two-wheeled World

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: A new-style electric scoter with an odd appearance has been invented—Airwheel A3 electric scooter has stepped into the two-wheeled world for its distinctive features or advantages other scooters do not have.

The three reasons of inventing wheels are to move, to go fast, and to get away. Two-wheeled typical representative is wagon with two wheels. And in the decades and centuries since, we've come up with some pretty cool ideas. A3 electric scooter with an odd appearance has been created by Airwheel.






A comfortable padded bucket seat and a sturdy magnesium alloy frame are great for keeping the buggy upright on tight turns. Then the colorfast shell is made of nano mixed material. The whole design with various graphics has a tone of white and orange standing for sport and fun. Fine quality and trendy design make riders stylish. It supports sitting to ride the vehicle, and it's effortless to get it moved on the road.

Below the A3's seat is a strong column-type spring damper there. It can reduce the vibration and also protect butt from suffering when wheels roll on some rough or uneven pavements. Two easy-to-use handlebars are made from comfortable silica gel that can make us easily control habits of posture and angle with safe protection when it falls over.






Between the two handlebars, there is a 4-inch LED display screen showing information that you need to know including power level, current speed, and mileage. An electronic anti-skid brake system is equipped with the scooter, replacing the hand-operated brake. Hence when riders run into emergency, it's easy to avoid it by clutching the brake. Moreover, A3 electric hoverboard comes with a retractable kickstand for easy parking and storage. A3 two-wheeled electric scooter comes affixed with all of these features and can reach up to the top speed 17 kilometers per hour. With a rough range 23 kilometers, it's capable to cover the last-mile.

Wrapping with these charms belonging to this A3, it will offer a comfortable riding experience. As it's well-received, A3 has entered into the two-wheeled world, being a new star.

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