Airwheel Unicycle

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Airwheel, what is it?

Airwheel is a motorized transport with a patented gyro-stabilized wheel. Airwheel is the less heavy (less than 10 kg) and the most compact motor vehicle in the world. Airwheel can be transported and stored in anywhere.

Airwheel provides you a convenient and fun transportation experience, giving the feeling of ? gliding on the ground ?, something like the sensation conveyed by Hoverboard in the movie ? Back to the future ?.

Airwheel, what is it for?

With its flexibility, maneuverability and small size, Airwheel is the only vehicle that actually meets the expectations of citizens to travel nearby.

Airwheel meets the need for moving between 1km and 6km, i.e. 85% of travels in the big cities. We talk about micro mobility. No other automobile vehicle is provided for these distances. Today, we can only find those manually operated dangerous vehicles: rollers, skateboard and kick scooters.

With its lightness, comfort and security, Airwheel is also much better than those electric skateboards or electric kick scooters, it is also the most adapted vehicle for us to make a short distance travels, just like an elevator, but horizontally.

Hergé have thought about this concept, but at that time, he could only imagine it with a gasoline engine and the small wheels: unstable under acceleration, braking, without wheels’ adhesion because of their small size, and without possibility to pass the barriers. Airwheel has resolved all the points mentioned above.

Airwheel, how does it work?

Airwheel moves thanks to the electric engine, the battery and the gyro-stabilized system. Highly accurate gyro sensors are integrated in the motherboard. They detect the forward tilt and instruct the engine to compensate for the balance by rotating the wheel and by keeping this tilt stable. When braking, they reciprocally detect the backward tilt and order the engine to decelerate.


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