Hoverboards Explosion May Soon Come to an End

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Abstract: Although the newly-developing scooters have been caught in a hopeless situation, there is a new turning point that the certificate UL can guarantee the safety of a hoverboard. That is a good news that hoverboards explosion may soon come to end.

Since a spate of explosion incidents happened, some scooter lovers have been holding off buying a hoverboard for they're afraid it will catch fire and burn down the house. But thanks to a new certificate process, it should be easy to find one that's far less likely to explode.


Airwheel Q3


It's necessary to know what UL is. UL is the firm that conducts OSHA-approved safety testing on consumer products. If the product is approved by UL, then it can make sure circuit cables don't explode. At the same time, it's trying to smooth out all the hoverboard-related hiccups by introducing guidelines for hoverboards.

The UL will evaluate the construction of the devices and, if they pass the company's tests, certify them as safe under a new certificate called UL2722 which is also known as “Electrical Systems for self-balancing Scooters,” including the rechargeable battery and charger system combination for use in self-balancing scooters.


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Up to now, several famous brands of scooters like Airwheel, Segway or Solowheel have been passed the test. The testing process will focus on the battery—overcharge(to make sure that the battery cannot go beyond its rated voltage and capacity), temperature (to make sure it does not overheat), and drop tests( to make sure they can withstand strikes) will be conducted. It's said that UL other tests include short-circuit, over-discharge, imbalanced charging, dielectric voltage, vibration, shock, crush, and mold stress relief tests.


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By this way, a qualified electric hoverboard will successfully avoid such accidents that happened at before. This new certification is a good guideline for scooter industry. A new product doesn't always mean the high risk if the whole line has been well regulated by some relevant departments. Thus, hoverboard explosion will soon come to an end.

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