Newest Airwheel Q3 Electric Unicycle as Panoramic Transportation For Adults...

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The bearing retainers between the twin wheels are very solid, and the tires are specifically designed for mini scooters. Yes you can trust your eyes, Small Airwheel Q3 can stand on you when powered on! With the build-in gyro working to maintain balance, it can adjust attitude even when shaken out of balance.

Its 2 wheels provide super stability while the overall electric scooter framework delivers potent power to facilitate your daily commuting trip. Take out Airwheel Q3, power it on and it’s standing on itself!


airwheel, self-balancing unicycle


The 2 wheels definitely grant Airwheel Q3 with superior stability compared with other single-wheeled scooters. A close-up photo of the casing, which features exquisite workmanship, and the pure white frost ADS+PC surface feels premium.

A photo of Airwheel Q3 delivered by courier. As you can see, the outer carton is a bit higher than a stool.


self balancing electric unicycle, electric self-balancing unicycle


You may have noticed a “Road Test Approved” label stuck on the packaging film, which means this unit has passed road test before packed, and is ready to use.

This is the control and indicator panel of Airwheel Q3 electric self-balancing scooter. Presented in the middle are 4-bar LED indicators and the metal power button is set beside it. Press the power button and turn it on, if you find all 4 bars are lit, your This design, on the other hand, makes it a little tricky to inflate, that’s where we need the extended pump nozzle.

The aviation aluminum pedals are strengthened and light in weight. Airwheel is fully charged and ready to use.


The pump valve is biased to the inner rim of the hub to facilitate the rotation of the wheel.

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