CeBIT 2016, trend topic: the personal means of transportation for the public

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Abstract: CeBIT was traditionally the computing part of the Hanover Fair, a big industry trade show held every year, first established in 1970. Along with the development of science and technology, the information technology and telecommunications have been added into it. Before the open of CeBIT 2016, we would like to talk about the personal means of transportation for the public.

CeBIT was first established in 1970, with the opening of the Hanover fairground's new Hall 1, then the largest exhibition hall in the world. CeBIT was traditionally the computing part of the Hanover Fair, a big industry trade show held every year.

CeBIT 2016 will be held from 14 - 18 March and Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter, in Hall 17-H06, will make visitors have a better understanding of the current and future transportation trend. At CeBIT 2016, Airwheel will exhibit its three newest products S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter, Z3 2 wheel electric scooter and M3 wireless remote control skateboard with different features.


Airwheel in CeBIT


Airwheel S6 is the first self-balancing electric scooter of its kind that can be ridden in two different ways, sitting and standing. With the comfortable and ergonomically designed adjustable saddle, riders with various heights can find their most comfortable riding posture. Besides, the mini design of the body of S6 allows for extremely precise movements and reacts to riders' orders more quickly.


Airwheel M3, Z3


Airwheel Z3 is another innovative electric means of transport, highlighted by such humanized features as adjustable handlebars, emergency braking system, foldability and interchangeable and up-equipped battery design and so on. When it is talked about skateboard, such words as youth, adventure and challenge will come to people's minds. However, the appearance of M3 DIY electric skateboard will subvert these traditional impressions, by adding motor and remote control to it.

On the spot of CeBIT 2016, visitors can experience these innovative personal means of transportation in person in Hall 17-H06 from 14 - 18 March.

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