A Brief Intro of Airwheel X8

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A Brief Intro of Airwheel X8

Airwheel X8 has been launched in this July! Now available via www.airwheel.net and overseas distributing channels (check our overseas distributors’ contacts via http://www.airwheel.net/styles-shortcodes.html). In accordance with Airwheel X-series, Airwheel X8 is powered by a Sony lithium battery core NC1, which delivers max. range 23km. In addition, with an upgraded motor, Airwheel X8’s max. load reaches 120kg and max. speed runs up to 18km/h.



Regarding exterior design, Airwheel X8 is characterized by a concise and bold contour. The brand new Airwheel X8 comes with 3 versions: Caron-Fiber Pattern/ Black / White. Airwheel X8 Carbon-fiber pattern features a strengthened casing with carbon-fiber pattern, which delivers premium sense of future hi-tech. Airwheel X8 black is highlighted by a premium black frost casing while Airwheel X8 white comes with a fresh white frost shell texture.


Compared with other models in Airwheel X-series, Airwheel X8 is intended to be slimmer and more powerful. Airwheel X8 weighs only 11.1kg, which is 2.6kg lighter than Airwheel Q3 and readily portable for an adult. The magnified ultra-slim wheel hub is concisely designed and reduces roll angle at turning and enhances grip effect, which ensures a safe and reliable riding experience.



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