The New Favorite Among Investors

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The New Favorite Among Investors


High-Quality & Trust-Worthy

Regarded as the most prevalent product in recent years, the hot electric unicycle industry has lots of “clutter”.  As the leading brand name in this industry, Airwheel enjoys prestigious reputation among customers and high awareness. Airwheel has been marketing intensively worldwide and focusing coherently on product design and quality. From aviation aluminum pedal to special engineering plastic casing, Airwheel keeps raising the bar for better quality and user experience. To be specific, the premium Airwheel electric unicycle is forged by cutting-edge Mag-lev motor, original Japan-made lithium battery and branded cover and inner tires.

Lucrative Product, Promising Market

Nowadays, due to the increasing awareness of environment protection, more and more people are reconsidering their commuting mode: go to work by car or public transportation or bicycle? Which is more cost-effective, time-efficient and eco-friendly? The launch of electric unicycle provides a new thinking which is possible to satisfy all the above appeals as well as work as a recreation and workout tool. Consequently there’s no wonder Airwheel has become the new favorite among investors.


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