Latest Electric Q3 Unicycle Hands-on

  • Source:Airwheel

    Every Airwheel Q3 electric unicycle comes with the following accessories: a charger, an extended pump nozzle, a training belt for starters and a user manual.To many people, electric unicycle is still something fresh subject to further understanding of its parts, operating principle and riding technique. Today let’s take a look at Airwheel Q3 and give you some handy learning tips.

Airwheel, Q3 electric unicycle

Airwheel Q3 has a pair of foldable pedals for handy storage.At that period, besides the Segway, not more other products similar, by standing the now intelligence industry to review the history Segway, insufficient flexibility, and extremely expensive and couldn’t carry out the job of user experience.  

Airwheel, Q3 electric scooter
The foldable pedals on Airwheel Q3 are made of aviation aluminum applied on airplanes, which is solid and light with 120kg (264 lbs) load capacity. Its casing is formed by strengthened engineering plastics.Wiki Background Knowledge: Electric unicycle known as the latest transport tool, is powered by electricity and gyro-stabilized. As the common transport, automobile consumes huge fuel resources everyday and results in ever-serious traffic problems.


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