Airwheel Q1 electric unicycle become more safe

  • Source:Airwheel

Before I decided to buy one, I’ve gone through many tips and comments about how to select a proper electric unicycle as a starter. The two key points to keep in mind is a. whether it’s easy to learn and b. whether it’s easy to control. Charge tires as per the instructions in the user manual and the schemas above. For Q3 340Wh, it only takes 4-5 hours to be fully charged.
The powerful lithium battery in Airwheel has no memory effect, which means it can be charged and go.
With energy shortage drawing increasing attention and public’s waking awareness of environment protection, it is believed that in the near future electric unicycles will be a popular transporter in the near future for various commuting purpose e.g. work, shopping and weekend leisure tours.

Thanks to the twin-wheeled design, Q1 only takes 5 minutes to get a hang of and its exclusive mini wheels brings agility at turns. I think those with average balance sense only need less than half an hour to be a proper player. Another killer feature of Q1 is its strong grip effect.

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