Is Airwheel S9 a self-balancing robot or a wheeled scooter?

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Abstract: For the past few years, robot has become a hot issue even among the masses. On CeBIT 2016, the Airwheel new product S9 has not only captured the attention of the visitors, but also caused a sensation in the whole self-balancing electric scooter industry. The question has been proposed: is Airwheel S9 a self-balancing robot or a self-balancing scooter?

Robot, for the past few years, has become a hot issue in society and many enterprises have contended to step into the robot field in the future. Whereas, some propose question about Airwheel is entering into the robot sector. Airwheel has become a byword for self-balancing electric scooter. As known to all, a robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry.


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Airwheel S9 is positioned as a wheeled robot, according to Airwheel official response. S9 service robot, for one thing, can realize the human-computer interaction through internal laser radar & auditory collecting system. For another, the automatic obstacle avoidance and route planning is realized via GPRS, WIFI, and BTS(Base Transceiver Station). In the short run, there'll be more usage scenarios with the promotion of plugins and software.

Airwheel, committed to the research and development of new products, has brought 4 series of 6 different models on CeBIT 2016, including Airwheel S8 electric scooter for adults with seat, S9 two wheel balancing robot, Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults, C3 color intelligent helmet and C5 helmet for Extreme sports. The release of Airwheel S9 robot with wheels is not to follow the trend blindly, but to do their capable R & D.


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For its further development road, Airwheel has taken the artificial intelligence, represented by wheeled robot as the direction of R & D; combines cross-border cooperation, investment and financing services and market channel sharing; Airwheel has become a high-tech incubator integration platform, with the core competitiveness of rapid technological transformation for the business market value.

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