Airwheel C3 & C5 intelligent helmets are eye-catching

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Abstract: Looking back on the past, Airwheel first released new products related other than to self-balancing electric scooter. Airwheel C series are the first accessory series.

Safety is the pre-condition of the ride. The two helmets are aimed at safety during the rider. As long as the rider keeps himself safe during the ride, he can successfully enjoy the fun and the happiness from Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, especially for those beginners.

Airwheel C series are the first accessory series. Both Airwheel C3 and C5 are smart helmets with the function to play music and allow the rider to take photos. On the new products release conference, Airwheel C3 & C5 intelligent helmets arrested the public's attention.


Airwheel c3 helmet for Extreme sports

Wearing Airwheel C3 cool motorcycle helmets for sale, they can do their best to lower the odds of getting hurt. On the one hand, Airwheel C3 protects the riders and on the other hand, the safe practice process will restores their confidence of riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters.

The outfitted Bluetooth will be of great help when the rider wants to answer his mobile phone. He does not need to stop his electric scooter and whip out his phone. He can answer the call as he rides. It is safer and more convenient. The application of Airwheel C3 does not be limited to riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, but all kind of vehicles.


Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display


While, the Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety not only provides comprehensive safety measures for riders, but also is targeted for the professional riders. HD tone quality and windproof microphone not only can play music, but also ensure the clear call in the riding, making telephone calls more secure. For ease of looking photos or videos anytime, 2.4 inch screen is mounted on C5. In addition, the rear of the C5 is equipped with breathing light to give warning of the rear vehicles and pedestrian.

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