Which kind of Airwheel electric hoverboards suitable for you

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Abstract: For those who intend to own an Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter, they may feel confused in front of six different series of products. While, the newly designed C series is a kind of auxiliary device, in a bid to protect riders from injury and to enrich the journey.

Faced with a host of models of electric scooters of one or another sort, people are easy to be left at a loss. In Airwheel, there are six different series of products in total, classic Airwheel X series, self-developed Airwheel Q series, luxurious Airwheel S series, innovative Airwheel A series, thoughtful Airwheel Z series and sporty Airwheel M series. Also, the newly designed C series is a kind of auxiliary device, to protect riders from injury and to enrich the journey.


Airwheel Q5


Airwheel X-series- single-wheeled electric scooter is the classic mode, known for its agility and flexibility. Especially on a bend, it can make a quick turning. Any veteran player cottons on to it, however, it poses a massive challenge to the beginner. If the fast & furious feeling is what they pursue, the Airwheel Q series can lend them a hand to serve as a transition period.

For the majority, the Airwheel S series is not only easy to master, but also has applied to various occupations. With the join of Airwheel S6, S8 and S9 saddle-equipped electric scooters, S series is also tipped for entertainment. Airwheel A series breaks the stereotype of self-balancing electric scooter, swapping the standing posture for sitting ride-mode.


Airwheel X3


The appearance of Airwheel Z series is a blessing to the city dwellers, the triple folding system to reduce the space, the modular battery to lengthen the range and the riding posture conforming to ergonomics, to name only a few.


Airwheel S8


Airwheel M series tend to make adolescence recall their childhood, which bear a strong resemblance with the traditional skateboard. The remote control and magnetic levitation motor are the highlights of M3 electric skateboard. Seeing the above analysis, it is believed that you will definitely find the most suitable Airwheel.

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