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                          Welcome to join Airwheel

The AirWheel is super fast to charge, and will accomplish many miles on a single battery.

High elastic silicone facias makes the AirWheel soft, flexible and comfortable against the user’s legs. Also creating a very durable and easy to clean exterior. The small details really have been thought about with this fantastic unit. Strong, precision aluminium pedals, with anti-slide grips easily fold up or down for use or storage.

This ultimate self-balancing unit is not only portable, but it is environmentally friendly and completely hands free to operate. Light weight, convenient and easily controllable. The Self Balancing Air Wheel can be taken to the office, restaurant, local shops, airports or even the subway. The built in carry handle, makes getting up and down steps very easy and can simply be stowed away anytime necessary.

Similar to the Electric Car, the Airwheel self-balancing unicycle transportation device is the cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to using a car for any short distance journeys. The device regenerates energy back into the battery, when going downhill or slowing down, just like an eco car. Easy to use, efficient and fun!

AirWheel pride ourselves on extremely high levels of service and provide only the best quality products on the market at an affordable price. AirWheel’s contain the latest gyro technology on the market, making them safe and easy to use. The unit’s are practically silent, powerful up hills and can tackle multiple terrains.

AirWheel offer warranty on all the AirWheel products, giving our customers full peace of mind and confidence. All AirWheel purchases are sent out on a secure next day delivery option for all orders within the UK, with full tracking details.

Try before you buy!, we have our units available to try and buy in Harrods. They can be found on the the 3rd floor.

Become a distributer- get in touch!

Email: contact@theairwheel.com

Shopping website: www.theairwheel.com


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