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Airwheel Granville Airwheel unicycle electric unicycle is a new personal transport, has whipped up a worldwide within one to two years and a "smart cool green travel" a whirlwind. From the exterior, its stylish, simple, clean, and beautiful, it was love at first sight; from a performance point of view, it can be easy for an adult to travel (up to 120 kg of weight), normal traffic of 10 km/h, the fastest up to 18 km/h, mileage could probably reach about 20 km, so it is very suitable for short-distance travel in the city.


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Airwheel Granville after Airwheel one-wheeled scooter tram, people went down to no more than 20 kilometers of the place, you can ride it out. Since then, no need to drive, take a taxi, or catch a bus to subway, and more, step on the little wheels, can be set out. Acid said, "free like the wind".

Of course this "as free as the wind" Airwheel power Airwheel electric unicycle, also held a safety factor. When the "wind speed" when it reaches 12 km/h, the unicycle will alarm, prompting riders to slow down.


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Airwheel power Airwheel electric unicycle, General temperament for urban men to create wind. Wind, is synonymous with freedom, means that no gap can have, no obstruction did not stop.  Airwheel Granville Airwheel unicycle electric vehicle has only one wheel, and the is very small, ranging from 12-inch to 16 inch wheels. Therefore, you only have a small space, it breezed to a. Traffic jams? crowded? has nothing to do with it for ever. Riding it, is like the wind, do not stay for anyone and anything, but go directly to where you want.


Airwheel Granville Airwheel unicycle gives people a kind of drifted away from the wind-like feel, which is decided by its stand-up riding posture. Different from other modes, it has its own ability to find balance, which requires cyclists also have better balance and coordination. When riders after practicing after being one of the State and people, then rode the Airwheel Granville Airwheel unicycle electric unicycle, you really have a "foot encased in" feeling.

In an increasingly busy, crowded cities, everyone wants to look like the wind, without much restriction. An Airwheel power Airwheel electric unicycle, can at least help people temporarily away from the worst of the traffic environment, and experience the feeling of freedom to come and go like the wind.

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