• Since we say A3 is the first sitting posture self-balancing scooter, there will be the second one—S6.
    • The moment Airwheel launched A3, it is hailed as the ultimate in technology and design in the sector of scooter. It is the first time for both Airwheel and the whole self-balancing electric scooter industry to introduce the sophi...

    • The massed are filled with wonder when they see the Airwheel S6, a multi-riding posture self-balancing electric scooter.
    • CeBIT, the largest trade show in the world has strong appeal for the technological companies, especially for the start-up enterprises. The main target visitors of CeBIT are from industry, wholesale and retail, trade, banking, serv...

    • That is to say, riders can have a freer riding experience, by liberating the hands.
    • The Airwheel products are inspired by interactions and experiences.
    • The design of Airwheel products represents its eco-friendly nature and a blend of tradition and modern. Say the M3 is eco-friendly, referring to the clean energy adopted—lithium battery without the concern of pollution.

    • Also, the A3 electric self-balancing scooter is the first time for Airwheel to apply the advanced technology to realize sitting-ride posture.
    • However, from the last new product release conference, we can take a hint that Airwheel team has spent a lot of time and energy to improve the riding experience, based on the existing ones.

    • As a result, people, regardless of gender and age are eager to know more details about this revelatory product—Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard.
    • For that reason, Mr White bought one set of Airwheel electric intelligent scooter for his son.
    • After all, all type of Airwheel electric scooters are designed with intelligent protection mechanism, and this is very important for kids. Compared with bicycling, riding with Airwheel electric scooter is more interesting for youn...

    • Bearing this in mind, Airwheel mini electric scooter S6 was born to interpret less is more.
    • What worth mentioning is that S6 can be ridden both by sitting and by standing.
    • The Airwheel Z3 and M3 belong to the new series, that is to say, they are the first one in Airwheel Z series and M series, accordingly. Airwheel Z3 intelligent electric scooter is full of humanized designs that arouses the interes...

    • However, Airwheel Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter on behalf of youth rolls beside to your feet to provoke the passion to try a new trip model.
    • Riding Airwheel Z3 two wheels electric scooter to have a trip is not for becoming popular, but a new way to go back the youth. Z3 comes with an adjustable operating arm that could be adjusted according to the rider's height to pro...

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