• You can ride Airwheel mini electric scooter S6 to attend party on Christmas Eve with envious attentions from the passers-by.
    • You can choose the most suitable for the riding position according to the situation. Various ways of riding brings unexpected comfort. You can stand or sit to ride which is suitable for a wider range of application scenarios.

    • For instance, the innovation of twin-wheel electric scooter Airwheel Q1 is also a good explanation of that theory.
    • Since two wheels located in the front and back of vehicles can be driven on the road, why not the twin-wheeled ones whose wheels are located side-by-side, space-saving can be a new vehicle? Airwheel Q1 electric scooter is invented...

    • And Airwheel A3, a sitting posture self-balancing scooter cannot be avoided which is a labour saving and much easier vehicle.
    • The most appealing feature of S6 mini self-balancing scooter lies in the various ways of riding, sitting or standing posture to control which is suitable for a wider range of situations.

    • Hence, it also solves the problem of learning difficulty.
    • Every day, I would play skateboarding with Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard for a while after my lunch time.
    • Next let’s know more about the new released Airwheel M3 electric skateboard and Airwheel Z3 electric scooter.
    • Both Airwheel M3 and Z3 are innovative products for they are rather distinctive from others. Airwheel Z3 is the first type of Airwheel electric scooter that supports for long-distance travels, because the swappable battery is loca...

    • Wave goodbye to traffic congestions and enjoy your melodious commute.
    • Since Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter has been widely used in many people’s daily life, the creative people are find more and more utilities of Airwheel, such as going shopping, daily commute vehicle and walk dogs and so ...

    • No matter what your job is, Airwheel Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter is hard to beat.
    • With Airwheel electric skateboard M3, the traffic jam will become past.
    • With the increase pressure of the urban traffic, the born of Airwheel electric skateboard M3, as a combination of toy and tool, has been widely accepted and enjoyed which can improve life quality and build up body.

    • We shall start from ourselves with those trivial affairs around us to keep away “urban disease.”
    • In the recent decades, the speed of urban planning cannot catch up with the high speed of economic development. Big cities are on the brink of a major shortfall in resources and infrastructure capacity, under a problem named “urba...

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