• The recently-published Airwheel Z3 electric scooter is the most ideal transport choice.
    • If users have a long-distance travel demand, Airwheel Z3 still can make it, because the battery is replaceable. What users need do is to take a spared battery. More importantly, the battery unit is installed on the upper part of t...

    • Many consumers have showed their interests to this new arrival.
    • Ever before, Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooters are mainly selected by young people, because the standing-posture riding mode will make the elderly fatigued for a long time. However, Airwheel S6 is suitable for all ages.

    • So some people choose it to bring more happiness to life.
    • Despite the fact that A3 has two wheels, but it looks like one big twin-wheel since they are located in the left and right sides of riders. This style of electric Airwheel inherits the traditional riding posture.

    • Ride it, and you will get good ideas to chase after her.
    • Usually, girls can’t ride scoter at the beginning. You can be her teacher apparently. Therefore, it’s time to show your ability. The When she knows how to ride the scooter, she will be grateful to you.

    • It’s reported that it’s better for our health by interchangeable riding postures than single riding posture.
    • The most revolutionary one is Airwheel S6 full of new features, to make its first appearance on public roads which is commissioned with the important task of liberating riders’ hands from the handlebar.

    • And the up-equipped battery group makes Airwheel Z3 suitable for all weather conditions.
    • When we teach our children how to operate the scooter, it's a good chance to know our kids better.
    • A cushion strip aiming at shock absorption is designed in the head in order to give us security assurance.
    • Then for the overwhelming majority it's without tears to learn it well. To return to the subject, the most outstanding part is the heading part, support rod and the handlebar. From the macroscopic view, it's a little long.

    • The various use of this creative traffic tool will definitely be the first option for people's fashionable life in this new era.
    • M3 is particularly suitable for the young people who are eager to try fresh entertainment product. After the whole day's forceful work or hard study, young people seem to be more and more interested in relaxing themselves.

    • There are two highlights in Airwheel electric motors S6: mini size and intelligence.
    • Airwheel sitting-posture self-balancing scooters S6 looks so different from the former models. Although S6 adopts the two-wheeled structure of Airwheel S-series models, it doesn't have a joystick.

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