• 150 local individual participants and 300 international individual participants from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and India will compete in the game.
    • Roller skating, known also as an extreme sport, is associated with the young generation. The event is dedicated to promoting roller sports in Malaysia as an internationally well-known sports event and therefore boosts sports touri...

    • S5 has so many advantages that one can ride Airwheel S5 freely to go outside and seek the best scenery. Now, let me briefly introduce it to you.
    • It uses the original Panasonic lithium battery. And the battery capacity is up to 680Wh, which is the largest among all Airwheel self-balancing scooters. It also means the longest range of S5.

    • Riders can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward.
    • The two-wheeled scooter serves the more extensive ends, which is applied to other public accessions. The twin-wheeled scooter is a mere transition.
    • This history of evolution of scooter represents many changes in scooter, for instance purpose and ease of use. The single-wheeled scooter, also called unicycle, largely serves the end of entertainment.

    • The moment he stands on the S-series scooter, he will be able to steer it in no time.
    • In view of this fact, another structure, the twin-wheeled structure saw the light of the day. To a large extent, this model the issue of the unicycle, hence it caught on quickly and swept the whole scooter sector.

    • The core goal of S5 is to create a personal exclusive SUV scooter. Believably, S5 has to live up to users’ expectation.
    • Therefore, it is commonly seen that working people have health problems. Airwheel intelligent scooter can change everything.
    • Airwheel also used the usual synthetic resin shell which made of advanced nano materials. Any way, all the details of A3 are exquisite.
    • Airwheel intelligent sitting-posture scooter A3 helps ones to go out more convenient and fashionable. If a beautiful lay wears high-heeled shoes and pretty dress, obviously it is more elegant for her to sit on A3 than to stand.

    • This has raised my concern and I’m even more puzzled about choosing which vehicle to get going. Finally, I was advised to buy an Airwheel intelligent unicycle.
    • My one-wheeled self-balancing scooter is powered by electricity. It is convenient to scoot you around without wasting too much physical labor. Another outstanding feature of my Airwheel unicycle is its low-carbon consumption.

    • Every material is used before picking and choosing. We aim to make the most environmentally friendly intelligent scooter.
    • Airwheel intelligent scooter uses new aerospace attitude control technology, which could run farther with lower cost. It costs only one Walt per hundred kilometre. Airwheel turns sustainable production and consumption into reality.

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