• Even if people can live there, the current technology still can’t be powered enough to transfer 6 billion people to another planet via spaceships yet.
    • The newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet up to now that is discovered orbiting in the habitable zone. On the planet, it is found that liquid water could pool on the surface.

    • The fresh air, the lively plants and the singing birds depict a beautiful picture altogether, which is never seen in the city.
    •  Is there a transport that is able to change the present situation of those salaried people? The answer is Airwheel X3 single-wheeled electric scooter.
    • In the very first place, Airwheel X3 electric unicycle is small-sized, whose height, length and thickness are 450mm, 392mm and 163mm respectively. Besides, it is also light-weighted and just weighs 9.8kg. That is to say, it is an ...

    • With the advent of Airwheel Intelligent self-balancing electric scooter, all problems are readily solved.
    • Airwheel Q3 electric scooter is small-sized, low-carbon and energy-saving, which is leading the “green travel” to the whole world.
    • Under Airwheel, there are A-series, S-series, Q-series and X-series electric scooters. All of them cater for the goals of low carbon and energy conservation. On the one hand, they are driven by electricity and thus they are emissi...

    • Actually, it depends on scooter types. If you choose Airwheel Q-series, five minutes is enough for you to make it.
    • Recently, an Airwheel Spanish user sent his learning videos, in which the young handsome European guy showed his learning experience. It took him just five minutes from a beginner into a skilled rider.

    • The puzzle why Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter enjoy such great popularity will be deciphered straight after.
    • Now, let’s take a panoramic view of the functions of scooter S5 and witness together how attractive it could be.
    • Airwheel electric scooter S5 is equipped with large capacity battery of 680W and high-power motor, which makes it possible to ride easily. Differing from S3, the shaft used to be in amazing design with rotating colour light in S3 ...

    • And that confirms to the spacecraft attitude control structure for the sake of riding comfort.
    • Airwheel got starting the R & D relevant to the two-wheeled structure against the background.
    • Prior to the announcement of S3, the single-wheeled scooter and twin-wheeled scooter dominated the whole market for scooter. At that time, the single-wheeled scooter took a great pride in its agility.

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