• Airwheel X8 single wheel electric scooter Receives Rave Reviews from Its Users
    • Airwheel X8 single wheel electric scooter is a feature-rich one wheel electric scooter that is remarkable for its usefulness and fun riding. The Airwheel electric unicycle has been greatly appreciated by its users.

    • Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter Q1, the best choice of green commuting
    • Nowadays, the problem of environmental protection has become the concern of every consumer. To protect the environment, it is necessary to start from individuals; meanwhile green commuting is a life style that strongly advocated b...

    • High-end Brand Affordable Now-Airwheel, the Forerunner of Electric Unicycle
    • Intelligent scooter, as a new transportation, is worth of spending more time, when we go shopping. Airwheel is known as a worldwide famous brand, but its price is lower than others. Airwheel S3 is the only product which has matur...

    • Airwheel Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Hailed As the Latest Phase in the Evolution of Human Locomotion
    • The human transportation system has witnessed a great evolution over the years. Many believe that electric scooters are the latest development in the evolution of the locomotion system for humans.

    • With a host of useful features, such as energy efficiency, environment friendliness, effective to move through congested traffic etc, Airwheel’s self-balancing scooters are becoming highly popular among the worldwide commuters.

    • Airwheel has a variety of self-balancing scooters for people to experience the joy and usefulness of riding an intelligent and energy-efficient vehicle. The company has two- wheeled Q-series that is a lot easier to balance and mov...

    • Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooters appeared in 2015 Festival Belia Putrajaya in Malaysia.
    • Malaysian 2015 Festival Belia Putrajaya themed "Showcase of Talent" was held in PutraJaya, Presint. Airwheel Malaysian distributor, eRoda Edge brought a full range of Airwheel intelligent electric scooters made a scintillating app...

    • Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooters appeared in 2015 Festival Belia Putrajaya in Malaysia.
    • Airwheel Technology presents Airwheel X8 and similar one wheel electric monocycle

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