• Please choose a set of Airwheel electric scooter for your kid.
    • Golden tips about choosing an appropriate Airwheel electric scooter
    • Abstract: The Airwheel S3 is a twin-wheeled electric scooter with a wide platform to stand on and a control shaft to hold. The S3 with its super stability is the star model in Airwheel family.

    • Abstract: The Airwheel S3 adopts a brand new humanized design with considerable details. It’s lightweight, comfortable and powerful. With the Airwheel S3, you are liberalized from the heavy traffic.

    • Airwheel Electric Unicycle takes some beating.
    • Electric unicycle, as a new transporter, is always compared with scooter which takes similar time to charge and delivers similar range per charge. Although scooter may be better at speed, yet its slim body is likely to tremble wit...

    • The Airwheel self-balancing electric unicycle is a futuristic device that is based on the gyro technology. It is considered the next generation of personal transport due to its environmental-friendly and fun features. It’s not onl...

    • As a new means of transport, the self-balancing electric unicycle requires more effort by customers when they choose the best intelligent electric unicycle. The Airwheel is a leading brand in the self-balancing electric unicycle/s...

    • Airwheel Electric Unicycle takes some beating.
    • Developed from skate board, scooter is a newly invented transporter for short distance travel. Scooters can be classified into 2 categories in light of its power mode: man-powered scooter and electric scooter.

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