• Why is it the best choice? Today, Airwheel will unveil the answer.
    • A3 self-balancing scooter offers a comfortable saddle and solves balance control capability under the sitting state. Lots consumers feel fatigued after a long-time riding with standing posture.

    • If riders want to install extra illuminations, they can lift the aluminum alloy shaft.
    • It also brings brand-new lifestyle to people. The following will analyze the technological breakthroughs of Airwheel A3.
    • It uses high-quality resin shell synthesized from high-tech nanomaterials and high-end Cheng Shin tyres as before. Besides, the seating system is added to A3 self-balancing scooter for the first time.

    • With greater motor power than S3, S5 can be more powerful and negotiate rugged roads and annoying slopes in the open air easily.
    • Therefore, S5 can negotiate varied terrains easily. As always, S5 is fitted with Cheng Shin tires.
    • Mr. Zuo firmly believes that as long as everyone in the industry can be customer-oriented, the scooter sector must have a bright future.
    • At the Airwheel 2015 new product release conference not long ago, SUV balancing two-wheeler S5 and intelligent scooter A3 were unveiled, an interview was made with Airwheel President Zuo Guogang.

    • Designed with no LED lampions on the shaft as S3, S5 is equipped with a foldable shaft and can therefore be placed in the trunk more easily.
    • This trial ride of Airwheel S5 was conducted by a robust and handsome foreign guy who drove a Hummer. As a perfect match for Hummer, Airwheel intelligent scooter is as wild and hot.

    • Though one is getting old and gets tired easily, Airwheel self-balancing unicycle can bring him/her to everywhere as long as there is a will.
    • Actually, Airwheel has proved with tests that riding a balancing scooter can bring some exercise effects for riders. Besides, Airwheel is actively consulting relevant professionals to work out a unique exercise program for Airwhee...

    •  It satisfies demands from most customers on long-distance traveling in cities.
    • Users can also achieve updates and calibration of electric scooters through the APP to make riding more relaxed and satisfactory. Furthermore, this APP will also be further incorporated into every electric scooter after A3.

    • When you are familiar with your scooter, you could use it to complete many glaring stunts.

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