• When you are familiar with your scooter, you could use it to complete many glaring stunts.
    •  In the tests of real road conditions, Airwheel S5 can run 45 to 50 kilometers with full power. The longer range of S5 helps ones to fully enjoy travelling outdoors.
    • A3 occupies a one-tile-sized space of about 25-centimetre-sqaure. The owner of A3 can position its A3 on its phone even though its vehicle is stolen.
    • From the newly released A3, it is easy to feel that Airwheel is entering the field of public transportation. The previous series merely goes for recreational purpose. The larger-capacity battery-equipped A3 is able to cover as muc...

    • S5 is designed without LED illuminations mounted on the control shaft. Instead, the control shaft of S5 is foldable to be easily stored into a sports vehicle.
    • The SUV scooter S5 exhibits its potent off-road capabilities. Without any doubt, it is a genuine sports utility vehicle.Equipped with 16-inch wide wheel hubs plus larger tires, S5 provides users with more comfortable and robust ri...

    • But A3, equipped with a saddle settles the matter, and therefore helps to promote self-balancing scooters into the mainstream consuming market.
    • A3 could be stopped by users pushing the button and forcibly leaning backward. Through rigorous operation and repeated tests, when users push the braking button and the vehicle’s speed is around 10 km/h, the vehicle will be stopp...

    • Riders can keep a sitting posture instead of standing. An electronic braking system is introduced to ensure a higher safety performance.
    • However, self-balancing scooter market is inundated with different products which have similar type and performance. Customers can hardly distinguish these products and make an easy choice.

    • This will necessarily make riding more comfortable and meet some customers’ demand for relatively long-distance commuting in cities.
    • The hot girl rides an A3 scooting around the streets and displaying the fashion and trend for the new generation. To provide users with best riding experience, Airwheel Technology has developed a customized APP for the A-series.

    • Being quiet and noise-free is the biggest advantage of Airwheel products.
    • 150 local individual participants and 300 international individual participants from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and India will compete in the game.
    • Roller skating, known also as an extreme sport, is associated with the young generation. The event is dedicated to promoting roller sports in Malaysia as an internationally well-known sports event and therefore boosts sports touri...

    • S5 has so many advantages that one can ride Airwheel S5 freely to go outside and seek the best scenery. Now, let me briefly introduce it to you.
    • It uses the original Panasonic lithium battery. And the battery capacity is up to 680Wh, which is the largest among all Airwheel self-balancing scooters. It also means the longest range of S5.

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