• The twin-wheeled structure further ensures balance and enhances the ease of use, which lies behind the enormous popularity of Q-series.
    •  The Airwheel Q3 looks very similar to a electric scooter. One of the main structural differences is that the Airwheel has no seat and your feet and ankles are the only thing in contact with the platform.
    • Tom who is known to be sharing his filmmaking knowledge and experience through a variety of online tutorials had taken his fans by a pleasant surprise by posting a video on how he used an Airwheel for filmmaking.
    • These scooters are not just transporters anymore but many people have discovered a variety of ways to use them. Tom Antos, a famous directors and cinematographer with over 14 years of experience in the Visual Effects area had rece...

    • There are riders in the UK who were seen pushing a stalled car while riding on their Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle.
    • Airwheel has transformed from being a portable transporter to a personal transport adventure scooter. The Airwheel scooters and unicycles are now a part of the personal lifestyle accessories. These incredible electric unicycles ha...

    • During this event, Airwheel would demonstrate its different lines of electric scooters along with the latest intelligent electric scooter.
    • Airwheel Malaysia Distributor is all set to introduce and display their entire range of Airwheel Electric Scooters at the Victoria International School Rugby Final on the 11th of April 2015.

    • This establishes Airwheel as a versatile Self-Balancing Scooter that can be used for several other purposes beyond just transportation.
    • UK parkour lovers presented several fancy tricks using Airwheel self-balance unicycle, like turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down on it and also pushing a car while standing on it.

    • Besides  used for transportation, Airwheel unicycle can practically prove very useful for filmmaking too. For dynamic shots, one can use unicycles to move with a camera instead of running to capture the shots.
    • Recently, Canadian director Tom Antos posted an inspiring video on YouTube demonstrating the use of Airwheel unicycle while shooting scenes. The self-balancing unicycle can thus be used for filmmaking purposes too.

    • The most obvious feature of Airwheel S3, compared with other Airwheel models, is its wide standing platform and a long handlebar.
    • Airwheel was featured on New Zealand RadioLive, Mark Sainsbury Sunday Show. The following is the selected script between the host Mark Sainsbury and Airwheel New Zealand distributor Dave Blake.
    • Airwheel was featured on New Zealand RadioLive, Mark Sainsbury Sunday Show. People in New Zealand who want to get Airwheel can get a total of 20% discount if they post their views on Airwheel New Zealan website.

    • As the rocking music mixed by DJ floods into every corner of the scene, stars and celebrities walk into the venue. It was really a live show as the cameraman zooms in and out to capture every excitement that may occur.

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