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    • In the scooters industry, Airwheel was born for express the perfect energy saving, from the one wheel unicycle to two wheeled scooter, Airwheel pursuit the extreme perfection, Airwheel smart electric scooter born to be able to sup...

    • Airwheel, electric unicycle, self-balance unicycle
    • The future transportation requires more innovative thinking. Airwheel is inspired by the latest demand of eco-friendly transporters. Airwheel Q5 as the hottest flagship product is launched lately and fans are welcome to visit our ...

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    • Airwheel fans! Please go through this report before rushing to spend a fortune on Airwheel or its fake copy. All Airwheel electric unicycle/scooter products are CE, RoHS, MSDS and UN38.3 certificated and quality guaranteed.

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    • We’re young, and we SAY NO to package tours, or following suit, or superstitions. We wanna be ourselves and make a difference!

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    • The Airwheels professional coaching team are currently in Auckland giving group training and taster sessions. The cost is $45 (reduced from $90 for promo opening offer) for a one and a half hour session which includes coaching an...

    • The Airwheels professional trainers provide one on one coaching sessions tailored to the individual needs.

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