• Airwheel R8 smart bike
    • Airwheel A6S
    • Airwheel electric scooter
    • Travel requires a great amount of physical power and a pair of fit shoes is necessary. You need a helper to spare you from the exhausted walking. If there is a new energy-driven scooter, it is able to solve the problem, for instan...

    • Airwheel C8 intelligent sport helmet
    • Airwheel is known for advanced technology and the C8 intelligent helmet doesn't disappoint. The outer shell of the helmet combines the best aerodynamic shape with consequent protection.

    • Airwheel H3 wheelchair
    • Airwheel R8
    • Airwheel R6 electric bike
    • The fresh air won't be polluted if you travel on your Airwheel. Airwheel R series electric bikes enjoys great popularity. Among the four models in R series, R6 collapsible electric bicycle is suitable for the masses.

    • Airwheel Smart Electric Bike
    • Airwheel H3
    • Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair safely navigates indoors as well as outdoors with its powerful motor, quality lithium battery, and an intelligent, responsive handlebar controller.

    • Airwheel A6S Wheelchair
    • Airwheel A3, the first model of A series was firstly released in 2014 and it enjoyed a very large consumer base. The good news is that the second model in A series was released in 2017—A6S electric wheelchair.

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