• The quite long range together with the passable speed suffices to meet the common demand of the public.
    • Lightweight and portability also feature Airwheel Z5.
    • Airwheel Z5 empowers workers to have a time-saving and economical commuting experience. Instead of waiting anxiously for the belated buses during rush hours, people can go to office and back home easily by riding Airwheel Z5.

    • This is a quite healthy idea and at the same time, it will save much time.
    • The vertebra disease and the disc herniation is particular common amongst the young white-collars. The age level of coming down with such disease is seriously going down. Airwheel R5 electric assist bike just serves as a new way ...

    • Now it is very famous in the market of electric scooter.
    • The Airwheel E series—electric folding bike will make you regain your confidence.
    • Airwheel E series, released in summer 2016, has further extended its consumer base. The annual Black Friday has come and both for beginners and veterans, Airwheel E series—intelligent e bikes are recommended.

    • Among various brands, Airwheel electric mobility scooter has done great job in both high quality and excellent function.
    • The installed soft leather saddle of Airwheel A3 electric scooter with seat offers much more comfortable riding experience. With the sitting-posture of riding, the stress of the whole body will not be merely concentrated on two le...

    • The human- centred battery design of Airwheel Z5 fast electric scooter captures a vast number of individuals' attention.
    • Airwheel Z5 accords with principles of ergonomics, and changes the side standing which easily cause fatigue. It is the anterior standing design that realizes the comfortable riding experience.

    • Airwheel S8 electric scooter with seat is suitable for a family tour letting people have a harmonious family.
    • A harmonious life is also a life with a harmonious relationship between life and environment. As we know, the Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter is powered by electricity, a kind of clean and pollution free energy.

    • Like other Airwheel intelligent electric scooters, E6 folding e bike is also driven by electricity.
    • For many laborious office workers, what traffic jam brings to them is that too much valuable time has been wasted on the way. They have no choice but to get up earlier and get home later.

    • Airwheel S8, one of the new products of Airwheel in 2016 shares the same wheeled structure with other S-series such as S6 and S5.
    • Lately, Mr. Stephano Smars, Consul of Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Shanghai has experienced Airwheel S8, one of the new products of Airwheel in 2016 and he thinks highly of S8 sitting-posture electric scooter.

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