• Airwheel Lithium batteries
    • Electric scooters questions and answers
    • 2017 HK Electronic fair
    • Airwheel smart electric scooters are devoted to making daily transportation free and efficient. To experience its products personally, you can find it at the booth 3F D34&D36, in Hall 3 in Hong Kong Electronic Fair.

    • To replace the Airwheel Z5 main control board
    • The small figure of Airwheel Z5 self-balancing electric scooter paves the way for weaving through crowds smoothly and thus it is able to avoid traffic jam. The main control board is the secret. Now show riders how to replace the m...

    • Airwheel at 2017 HK Electronics Fair.
    • The 2017 HK Electronics Fair Spring Edition, lasting from 13 to 16 April in the Convention and Exhibition Centre. Airwheel shows up at 2017 HK Electronics Fair with its latest achievements at the booth 3F D34&D36, Hall 3.

    • Queations and Answers
    • what's the uniqueness of the smart electric scooters born with commonality? The following questions and answers are selected to help those who are interested in the smart travel industry.

    • Airwheel Z5 mini electric scooter
    • Questions about Airwheel electric aided-bicycle.
    • How about replacing its battery box holder?
    • The modular design battery on Airwheel Z5 electric hoverboard is easy to disassemble and replace, as it is built out, rather than built in. To disassemble and replace the battery requires no tools. How about replacing its battery ...

    • Airwheel Z5 small wheel electric scooter Battery.
    • When we talk about the Airwheel electric scooters, we have much to say. They belong to different transport sectors, yet, they have one thing in common. All of them install swappable battery design to realize long enough range.

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