• Airwheel Power Inverter
    • Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display
    • In the year of 2016, Airwheel released its first wearable equipment, the intelligent helmet C5. The release of Airwheel C5 came as a surprise to the customers and players. They were curious about the reason why Airwheel entered th...

    • The great popularity was evidenced by its sales volume.
    • In this year, Airwheel is hailed productive and fairly innovative because it has rolled out a raft of new products. These new products include the electric self-balancing scooters S6 and S8 as well as the smart electric folding bi...

    • Many of its products occupies high market share in the industry.
    • Earlier in 2016, new products are revealed in succession, including S8 electric scooter with seat, Z5 standing up electric scooter and the latest E6 and E3 smart electric folding bikes, a totally new series.

    • Riders just need to click the answer key and free both hands to ensure safe riding.
    • The editor has collected the frequently asked questions about Airwheel E6 to give users a unified answer.
    • Airwheel E6 folding smart bike
    • The moment Airwheel E6 foldable electric bike comes out, it has been eye-catching. Having a unique frame and offering wonderful riding experience, Airwheel E6 is surely to be the shining star in the e bike market.

    • Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter
    • Following Airwheel S8 and C5, Airwheel Z5 is released to compete for the diverse scooters in the market. Now, it is available both in physical stores and online stores. The editor has collected the frequently asked questions about...

    • S8 intelligent electric scooter
    • When a lot of people still criticize electronic games to make youngsters addicted to the virtual data and become “otaku”, the advent of Pokemon Go, released by Nintendo lets young people go out of house. A great number of gamers a...

    • The Newly Published Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric Bicycle Is an Expected Reform
    • Airwheel E3, one of new products has attracted lots of people’s attention, which indicates Airwheel is going to create a new series. Currently, Airwheel fans can get to know such an Airwheel E3 through new product announcement and...

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