Airwheel Headrest
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    Electric Wheelchair Headrests

    Airwheel Smart electric wheelchair headrests provide support of the head and neck if you are using tilt-in-space wheelchairs or need additional support to hold your head upright.

    Reversible Design

    The curved design fits better with the head, and can be flipped freely at 45°, giving you a more comfortable experience

    Free lift

    Featuring a large range of adjustability through easy-to-use levers, the headrest hardware allows for precise fitting to user requirements.

    Environmentally friendly PP raw materials

    Original PP material,safe and odorless

    High-end breathable mesh + density sponge headrest

    High-grade breathable mesh fabric, breathable and moisture-absorbing; density sponge lining, comfortable neck support

    Airwheel Exclusive Power Wheelchair Headrest

    The Airwheel Universal Folding Headrest is designed to fit wheelchairs and it folds with the Wheelchair so it does not need to be removed. It features a great deal of adjustability, including height and depth adjustments for maximum comfort. It’s padded headrest has a breathable surface texture allowing maximized comfort and durability.

Airwheel Electric wheelchair headrest