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To youth.

Fascinating as skateboard, which reminds people of youth, hormone, endless energy and fearless self-challenge, also indicates the flying time, and a fact that something priceless has been gone for good. Though you were, or wished to be a skateboarding teenager capable of doing all the cool tricks, after turning into adulthood you would begin to admit that it’s not for your age any more. However, as dreamers who dream a more exciting adult life, and believers who believe in passion and unyielding spirit, Airwheel makes M3 electric skateboard/hoverboard dedicated to every ageless heart who never give up in looking for possibilities.

wireless remote control skateboards


Taking the advantage of our rich experience in making self-balancing electric vehicles, we make full use of our expertise in maximizing the performance of M3 electric skateboards. The prototype has gone through thousands of practical tests, and has been kept improved based on advises from a team of skateboard specialists, in order to present a similar exciting riding experience as the classical skateboards.

electric skateboard
electric skateboards


Unlike classical board, M3 electric hoverboard is controlled completely by a handhold wireless remote controller, by simply sliding the button of which, you can accelerate, decelerate, brake, or even go backward, in an effortless style. To control the direction, it is similar as riding a kick-skateboard, you have to maneuver your gestures and body weight to turn left or right.

electric skateboards


As a durable deck is critically important in building a long-lasting skateboard, M3 has tested many texture options, and finally chooses a customized maple plus composite material, to make a deck in the best durability and elasticity. With anti-skid grip tape on it, M3 offers a safe, sturdy, and comfortable riding experience.


The deck supports 100% customized DIY patterns for wholesalers. Please contact with our sales reps to inquire how to make the decks look exactly as you desired.

wireless remote control skateboards


Compared to ordinary street skateboards, Airwheel M3 has bigger tires with stronger grip ability, which may compromise certain flexibility, but enhances the terrain adaptability and make it more practical in various road conditions.