Airwheel SE3Mini
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Smart riding electric Black Pink Silver suitcase(luggage)-Mini Scooter

Airwheel SE3Mini rideable carry-on smart electric scooter luggage(suitcase) can travel 6km/h. It is lightweight, and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use.

  • Boarding suitcase
  • Smart handle
  • USB charger
  • high quality brand material
Airwheel Scooter suitcase
Airwheel electric luggage
Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart Scooter suitcase

Airwheel Balck pink silver smart electric scooter suitcase with Invention patent

Airwheel electric Black Pink Silver scooter luggage Are Designed And Manufactured To The Highest International Standards and have got a number of certificates, invention patents and utility model patents. Pls find the Patent No. in the following.

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Move the intelligent ride electric luggage using your mouse!!

AirwheelSE3Mini smart electric luggage(suitcase) has an intelligent riding function. Pull out the hidden riding pole to ride.When taking a flight, the lithium battery adopts an external pluggable design, which can be removed to meet the security inspection regulations, and can be used as a power bank to charge portable electronic devices.

    Switch between suitcase mode and motor luggage mode freely

    Hidden Telescopic Handle;The riding suitcase is lightweight, and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use.

    External USB charging port

    Dual high-speed USB output port for charging mobile phones and tablets simultaneously during your trip.

    [Travel Electric Luggage] Exclusive battery of mini smart electric scooter

    The Mini smart scooter luggage Lithium batteries are compliant with the air travel regulations for the UN, TSA, FAA and IATA and use the latest nano-crystal technology.

    Removable power battery

    The 73.26wh lithium battery guarantees boarding while meeting the riding for 8-10 kilometers. Equipped with a USB interface that can be used as a large power bank. Quick-plug design, easy to remove and replace

    • Battery equalization
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Overcharge protection
    • Current limitation protection
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Short-circuit protection
    • Temperature protection
    • Anti-counter-flow protection

    Boarding Luggage-Powerful Motor

    Constant running speed, energy saving, less friction, Excellent performance and longer life

    Solid rear wheel

    High-quality solid tires, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, excellent grip performance, whether it is a flat street, a slope, a rugged path, you can walk as you like

    A rideable suitcase that can be taken onto plane and stored in overhead cabine

    The appearance of the Airwheel SE3mini cabinet is designed by international IF award winners. It is designed in a "Z" shape, which conforms to mechanics and ergonomics. The cabinet and pedals are integrated and comfortable to ride.

airwheel se3mini riding luggage
Airwheel SE3MiniT
airwheel se3mini scooter suitcase



Innovative products, electric riding, large capacity storage with removable batteries, direct boarding without check-in


An empty smart riding luggage weighs 16.5 pounds (about 7.5 kg)


Dimensions are 350*230*550mm (15 x 10 x 23 inches)


Uses branded lithium batteries that meet UN38.3, RoHs and MSDS standards, fully charged in 2 hours The battery is an independent closed unit, safe and environmentally friendly. Over 800 charging and discharging cycles, 8 level of battery protection


4-inch custom high-performance TPU wheels that are shock absorbing and wear resistant to ensure smooth transportation of the motor. We also use high performance sealed bearings throughout.


Maintenance-free, high-torque, 100-watt brushless motor for low friction and long life


Maximum load capacity of 242.5 lbs (110 kg)


To charge the battery, first connect the supporting charger to AC100-220V power (mains), then plug the supporting charger into the battery input port (DC charging port). During battery charging, the charger indicator is red; after fully charged, the charger indicator is green.


The smart riding luggage is equipped with an external USB port (located on the TSA combination lock) that it can be charged for compatible devices


The smart riding luggage meets the International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements for non-check-in luggage requirements


The smart riding luggage takes 2 hours to fully charge.


Intelligent handle integrated forward reverse brake function, turn the acceleration handle forward, turn the brake handle for braking,turn the brake handle without releasing then turn the acceleration handle for reversing


Top speed of 5 mph (8 km/h) on a flat surface


Pull out the trolley bar and tow, pick up the "carry handle" and carry on

Airwheel SL3 smart luggage
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