SR6-Smart & Easy Travel

    Power-Assist smart suitcase

power assisted suitcase
    • Smart Power-assist System

      The smart motors will respond to the user's operation on the throttle and provide power assistance while moving.

    • Bi-directional System

      Going forward and backward with less effort with the help of Bi-directional Power-assist system.

    • Smart Electronic Brake

      It will brake automatically when releasing the throttle on the handle.

    • Lighter and sturdier

      ABS & PC outer shell and Aluminum frame to provide high crush resistance.

    Colorful life

    Colorful smart suitcases make it beautiful for every trip.

  • Power slider

    & Technology

  • Aluminum alloy rod

    Lightweight and
    strong load-bearing capacity

  • Shell & Frame

    ABS and PC Cases and
    Aluminum Frames

    Your Power Bank

    The removable 48.8Wh lithium-ion battery complying with airline boarding requirements.