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Intelligent Control APP Big Data Case Tours

    Control System

    Multi-point coordination of the intelligent positioning system, electronic fence, and ultrasonic radar obstacle avoidance system etc. Support for GSM and WCDMA network. Ensure the user safety all-around, provide a better user experience.


    GPS + Base Station

    GPS and base stations work together to achieve high-precision positioning. Fully control on the trajectory of all vehicles in the scenic spot, realize on-line map dynamic monitoring, and analyze the distribution of people flow

smart transports

    Electronic Fences

    Electronic fences will be set around scenic spots, water areas and forbidden areas, and the vehicles will be stopped automatically when step over the fences. Fully ensure user and vehicle safety

    Ultrasonic Radar Obstacle Avoidance

    The smart vehicle will detect its surroundings and brake automatically when there are obstacles within 25-30cm from both sides. It starts to decelerate from the distance of 2m from the obstacles, its speed will be reduced to 2km/h when the distance reaches 0.5m, and then finally stops.

electric self-balancing scooter

    Site Broadcast

    The smart vehicles will broadcast the introductions automatically when entering into corresponding scenic spots. Users can decide their traveling routes better after learned quickly about the scenic spots from the broadcast.

    Fixed spots for Renting and Returning

    Users can rent and return the vehicles freely at the specific spots of any scenic spot. Flexible, convenient and quick