Airwheel M3
Design Function Parameter
  • electric air board
  • hoverboard
  • Modular


  • Dual backups

    Battery protection boards

  • PU material

    Damper mass

  • App

    Connect to cell phone

  • 2.4G wireless remote control of infinitely variable speeds
  • Surfing on land
  • "dual-core" drive and protection system
  • SUV electrical power steering

    M3 Illustration

    electric air board

    Major Materials

    High-tech composite material + maple

    Look & Style

    Matte black + Matte Silver + Log color


  • Height:198mm Length:790mm Width:369mm Tire Size:4.5inWeight: 11.55kg

    balancing scooter

    Max. Load


    Pedal Height


    Max.Climbing Angle

    About 15° (Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)

    Max. Speed

    About 20km/h

    Battery Capacity

    81.4Wh / 162.8Wh

    Working Temperature

    best at 20~30°C

    Charge Time

    81.4Wh:about 60min
    162.8Wh:about 120min

    Charge Voltage

    AC100-240V 50-60Hz