Airwheel S6
Design Function Parameter
  • Airwheel s5
  • Dual backups

    Dual balancing chips
  • Dual backups

    Battery protection boards
  • Magnesium

    Alloy frame
  • Smart dual

    Backup system
  • Magnesium alloy frame
  • Connect to Airwheel App on mobile devices
  • Smart dual backup system
  • Itelligent alert/ Automatic protection system



  • Height: 790mm Length: 503mm Width: 322mm Weight: 14kg Tire Size: 8in
  • Airwheel

    Major Materials

    Magnesium Alloy+Aluminium Alloy+Lexan PC

    Look & Style

    Matte Silver+ Porcelain White

    Suitable Height


    Max. Load


    Max.Climbing Angle

    About 15° (Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)

    Max. Speed

    About 17km/h

    Battery Capacity

    130WH 260WH

    Charge Time

    130Wh: about 90min(80% charged in 60 min)

    260Wh: about 180min(80% charged in 120 min)

    Charge Voltage

    AC100-240V 50-60Hz