Children's trolley suitcase

    It is also a good indoor and outdoor riding toy for children, combined with scooters, suitcases and storage suitcase

  • Cool flash wheel
  • Hi-fi speakers
  • Polycarbonate material
  • BLDC Motors
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery chip
  • Patented product

    Travel with confidence

    Safe and environmentally friendly Polycarbonte material, Not afraid of close contact , Every cornerless design prevent baby from bumping at all times .

    The safety "round" rule from smile

    Inspired by the child's bright smile, we blend the arc of smile into the shape of puppy, round elements are used to make the dog round and cute, while reducing the risk of direct injury.

    Safe and reliable,strong and sturdy is the nature of SQ3

    With composite pressure-resistant PC material, solid spine and a special aluminum frame handle, which makes suitcase light and strong, can ride, can sit on

    TPU telescopic handle

    High-strength TPU stretch elastic handle, Easy lifting and comfortable feelling 。

    Excellent performance even on rough road

    Pass smoothly through the pothole ground, and can start stably even on a slope. Special motors have undergone thousands of tests and hundreds of design changes to adapt to a variety of road conditions.

    Lithium iron phosphate battery chip

    with lithium iron phosphate battery chip, Guarantee strong power and safety riding

    Childhood together with you

    Dogs are good friend of human, not just as pets, it have become an important member of your family,it is also source of happiness to accompany your children to grow up.