The Airwheel SE3S, the cycling luggage case that evolves the journey experience

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  The luggage that we commonly see when travelling is mainly responsible for the important task of "storing luggage" and is designed with a tow bar to make carrying luggage as light as possible, but it is impossible to be completely free from the weight. As a result, it is difficult to avoid all kinds of fatigue on the journey, and the need to endure the heaviness of the suitcase, the sore legs and the pain of walking non-stop, makes people painful and happy!

  In response to this, Airwheel Smart Technology has launched the Airwheel SE3S, an electric cycling suitcase that can upgrade the journey experience.

  This is a technological luggage option that can bring a sense of speed to the journey. Equipped with powerful motor wheels, it enables a "ride for the ride" function, allowing users to move at a speed of 13km/h on the go, away from the exhaustion of walking with broken legs and without the need to lug around bulky luggage, making it easy enough to walk in various situations such as airports and stations.

  The ride function is not cumbersome to use. The Airwheel SE3S is designed with an electric telescopic structure, using a telescopic pusher motor to achieve automatic deformation of the case, which can be operated by simply pressing the telescopic switch, making it quick and convenient to switch.

  In terms of control, the Airwheel SE3S is equipped with an intelligent handle that integrates acceleration, deceleration and reversing functions, making it easy to learn to ride without any learning curve. The smart handle is designed with left and right hand turns, the right hand turn controls acceleration, the left hand turn controls braking, and can be operated for reversing at the same time, while the direction is controlled flexibly by turning the smart handle.

  In addition to riding, towing and carrying are two carrying options that remain essential to complement the need to carry the bike in more situations on the road. The towing bar of the Airwheel SE3S is equipped with a concealed one-piece telescopic alloy trolley bar, with multiple gears for flexible selection and a comfortable towing feel; the top of the case is designed with a comfortable elastic carry handle, and the luggage weighs 9.4kg, so it can be carried easily, making it ideal for crossing thresholds and steps.

  To facilitate the journey, there is also a USB charging port on the outside of the case, which can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices on the go.

  As a smart cycling case with a strong sense of technology, the Airwheel SE3S electric cycling case is not only satisfied with its functionality, it has also made sufficient consideration in terms of "strength" and "accessibility" in order to dispel users' doubts about new things.

  In terms of strength, it is not only made of imported German laminate + Taiwan Chi Mei ABS to ensure that the case shell is waterproof, wear-resistant and not easily deformed; it is also reinforced with a patented aluminium frame, which is made of 6-series high-grade aluminium alloy using one-piece forming technology to ensure that the case is stable and not deformed when riding, with a load capacity of 110kg. You can ride with peace of mind and put your belongings in the luggage without worrying about being crushed.

  The most stringent regulations for air travel are the ones in place. The Airwheel SE3S, as an electric ride on board, can be used without any problems. The lithium battery has a capacity of 73.26Wh and is specially designed to be pluggable and removable, so that it can be quickly disassembled before boarding the plane without the use of tools. The case lock is also made with the international TSA customs code lock, which prevents damage caused by violent detection.

  In terms of value, the SE3S is not only a simple case structure, but also comes in four colours: Nebula White, Dreamy Purple, Firestone Black and Silver, which can meet different preferences of users and accompany them on their journey.

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