Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase customer review, from the aspects of appearance, operation, boarding and storage(Chapter 2)

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2. Operation:

Many people will be wondering how to control the riding of SE3S smart luggage. In fact, it is very simple and zero difficulty of getting started. 

The aluminum alloy frame can load up to 110KG, which is strong and light. The overall weight of the luggage is only 9.4KG, it's easy to lift up everyday.

When you need to ride, only one button is needed to flexibly switch the two modes of dragging and riding, due to the telescopic push rod motor.

The smart handle is designed with left and right handles. The right handle controls acceleration and the left handle controls braking. At the same time, the operation can be used for reversing when pressing both handles at the same time, and the direction depends on turning the smart handle to flexibly control the riding. The steering is sensitive and flexible. Not to mention that adults use it for riding, even children can learn to move forward, brake, and reverse quickly. The function design is simple and practical. When the Airwheel SE3S motorized rideable luggage is riding, the first feeling is that it is very stable and thick wheels ensure the balance of the luggage, and can ride as smoothly as an electric bike.

Finally, let’s talk about speed. In fact, the speed will be limited by the use environment, including the weight of the user, the items inside, and the condition of the road surface. The official one is 13km/h. When Tidy’s son is riding, he feels that the speed is quite fast. Tidy rode it at that point, which is a bit slower, but he thought it is really enough. Reversing is also very fast, there is no difficulty at all, and in addition, it is very smooth.

There is no need to worry about battery life in daily travel. Besides, the charging speed is very fast. What’s more, you can get spare batteries for SE3S carry-on smart luggage from Airwheel to make the range doubled.


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