Airwheel SE3miniT, an Electric Suitcase That You Can Ride

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Abstract: How to choose a good use of the boarding suitcase? You can choose to completely change the way the journey, to create a lighter journey with Airwheel SE3miniT mini smart scooter.

Airwheel SE3MiniT Scooter suitcase

Compared to traditional luggage, Airwheel SE3miniT intelligent riding suitcase can be transformed into mobility equipment, equipped with a strong motor wheel and reasonable electric structure. When you are in the airport, station, hotel and other types of situations worried about the lack of suitable mobility equipment, you can directly ride it all the way forward. Moreover, the riding speed can reach 9km/h, which is faster and more efficient than the ordinary walking speed of 5km/h.

Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart suitcase

In order to further strengthen the structure and meet the needs of long time riding use, Airwheel SE3miniT adopts the patented frame design and chooses high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material, using one-piece molding technology to ensure the strength and toughness of the box frame, and special reinforcement with 52 high-strength rivets to ensure that the box shell and box frame always fit, not easy to deform. With such a reliable structure, you can rest assured that all kinds of luggage items can be stored without worrying about damage caused by extrusion while riding.

Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart suitcase

Its patented intelligent riding handle, only the left and right sides of the handle needs to be manipulated, the right side to control the acceleration, the left side to control the brake. Airwheel SE3miniT mini electric scooter adopts a modular battery design and can be directly disassembled without tools when passing through security checks. The volume of the case body strictly follows the standard specification of 20-inch boarding case, which can be carried directly on the plane and put into the luggage compartment without checking in.

Airwheel SE3MiniT Smart suitcase

If the realization of the cycling function facilitates the movement of the journey, then Airwheel SE3miniT smart rideable luggage another realized function - charging, is to ensure that the journey all the way to the power worry-free. It is designed to expand the outside of the case with two sets of high-performance USB charging port, connect the data cable, you can directly charge the power shortage of portable electronic devices, charging while walking during the journey.

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