The introduction of Airwheel SE3S Black pink silver mini riding scooter can fully enhance travel experience(Chapter 1)

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Abstract: Along with the rapid development of urbanization, as well as the transportation, people are more eager than ever to go out and experience the novelty and insight brought by the journey. However, the journey is not all happy. If you are struggling with this and urgently seeking a solution, let Airwheel SE3S intelligent luggage to help you.

Airwheel SE3S Blackpink Scooter suitcase

A boarding suitcase?

1. Riding

When the traditional luggage is still clinging to the "dragging" mode of carrying, Airwheel SE3S mini smart scooter has provided users with a new choice - riding.


It is equipped with a strong motor wheel, driven by electrical energy, as long as the manipulation of the smart handle, it is able to move quickly at a speed of 13km/h, which is faster compared to the average 6km/h walking speed, and more easily and effortlessly. Therefore, airports and stations are no longer big, as long as you ride on the Airwheel SE3S smart ride box, you can easily take your place and stay away from the running experience.

Airwheel SE3S Blackpink Scooter suitcase

-Load capacity

Fast enough is not enough, Airwheel SE3S mini riding scooter must be able to ride out the reliability! It adopts the patented frame design, with 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy, the application of one-piece molding technology, to ensure a solid load-bearing structure of the box frame, the load is increased to 220 kg. At the same time, there are dozens of high-strength riveted joints between the frame and the case to ensure that the case is more comfortable and will not be deformed after a long ride, fully blocking the weight of the riding user on the outside of the luggage, avoiding any external forces on the luggage inside the case, so it can be stored and used with confidence.

Airwheel SE3S Blackpink Scooter suitcase


Of course, the comfort of riding can not be less. Airwheel SE3S smart luggage is designed with an extendable smart handle, click the extend switch, the motor wheel and smart riding handle will be extended forward, the design is intended to give more space for the rider's legs and arms, even long-legged people can also ride more comfortably, will not feel cramped and uncomfortable because of the group shrinking body riding.

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