One important tip for an Amazing Life After Retirement--Airwheel H3PC (Chapter 2)

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Abstract: Life after retirement doesn’t always end up looking like what you imagined. Here are some of our ideas for what to do when you are first retired: travel the world and exercise more. Let the Airwheel H3PC provide an Amazing Life After Retirement.


Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair

Fold automatically

"Foldable" is one of the demand points for many users when purchasing a wheelchair. Meeting this article not only facilitates daily home storage, but also expands the radius of wheelchair travel and can be used to connect to buses, cars, flights and other kinds of transportation. While the Airwheel H3PC intelligent wheelchair is foldable, it also adopts an electric structure as the folding joint, so when it needs to be folded or unfolded, it only needs a button to wait for the body to finish folding or unfolding by itself, without manual operation, which is very convenient.


Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair

Remote control

Usually, even if you have a smart wheelchair, you still need the help of relatives and friends around you,. But Airwheel H3PC electric wheelchair can do all these problems by the user's own power. It has developed an intelligent remote control function, which allows users to use the wheelchair more autonomously without the help of others and enhance the freedom of daily travel through one of the three options of installation-free small program, intelligent APP, or Bluetooth remote control handle, which can remotely control the wheelchair movement, fold/unfold, and light up the headlights within an 8-meter barrier-free distance.


Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair

Considerate details

Airwheel H3PC remote control wheelchair adopts EABS electromagnetic brake, just by leaving the intelligent control handle, it will instantly sense the efficient braking, and it can stay in place even on a slope, and the simple operation can avoid the possibility of mishandling; when riding backwards, the horn will automatically sound a buzzer to warn. The front of the intelligent control handle is equipped with LED lighting, which can clearly illuminate the road and help avoid obstacles in dark environments such as at night; the rear side of the vehicle is also designed with anti-tip wheels, which can effectively prevent the wheelchair from tipping when going up and down slopes and backing up.

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