For a little one, an Airwheel SQ3 scooter suitcase kids can ride is like a toy and luggage rolled into one.

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Abstract: For a little one, a suitcase you can ride is like a toy and luggage rolled into one. With fun character designs that appeal to kids, Airwheel SQ3 can get them excited about their upcoming trip (they MAY even get involved with the packing). Or at least picking out the toys they want to take.

Airwheel SQ3 kids suitcase

Taking a child on a trip is not an easy task. But Airwheel SQ3 smart kid suitcase is especially equipped with a strong motor front wheel, and is driven by electrical energy, at a speed of up to 5km/h, similar to the speed of parents who are adults. Airwheel SQ3 scooter suitcase for kids is almost 0 difficulty to start. Its intelligent riding handle adopts a minimalist design, only the left and right sides of the handle, the right side of the acceleration, the left side of the brake, first control the left side and then press and hold the right side to achieve reverse.

Airwheel SQ3 kids suitcase

During the journey, in addition to the exhaustion caused by physical exertion, for parents and children, they also need a certain amount of patience in case of waiting sth. In order to add fun to the journey, Airwheel SQ3 ride-on luggage is integrated with high-fidelity speakers, with two ways TF card reading, Bluetooth connection available, which can play children's songs, e-books, English, fairy tales and other types of audio, so that children experience more play and fun.

Airwheel SQ3 kids suitcase

Its SQ3 kids electric suitcase body volume fully follows the safety "round" rule, the corners are rounded arc shape, no one sharp angles, the child does not need to worry about bumping injury when using. Box is reinforced with a unibody frame, load up to 40kg, which ensure that the box is stable and not deformed. Considering the safety of riding at night and other dark environments, the rear wheel has a built-in self-generating light bead, which automatically emits a dazzling light when it turns, greatly enhancing the recognition, alerting passers-by at the first time, and ensuring timely avoidance in special situations.

It comes in 3 colorful designs, is easy to steer, is tough, scratch-proof, water-resistant, and also includes a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.  

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