Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase to make the trip more energy-saving

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Abstract: Many elderly people after retirement love to travel. However, physical fitness is naturally not as good as before, going out will make them feel tired. If they want to travel easily, try the Airwheel SE3S.

Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase


Unlike traditional luggage, Airwheel SE3S not only does not need to be dragged by hand, but also can carry the elderly directly, with the speed up to 10km / h. With Airwheel SE3S intelligent riding suitcase, you can enjoy a faster, more energy-saving travel experience, and it is suitable for the elderly to use to go out, whether to travel the country's great rivers and mountains, or the outskirts of the city or park walking.

Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase


For the operation, Airwheel SE3S smart luggage is very simple to operate, and anyone can get started easily. It only has left and right handlebars to operate on the intelligent riding handle, the right handlebar to accelerate, the left handlebar to brake, and pressing both handles to reverse.

Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase



In addition to the riding function, Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase can also be transformed into a charging station for cell phones and other electronic devices. It has a high performance USB charging port designed for expansion on the outside of the case, the operation is also very simple, just use the cable to connect the case to the device that needs to be charged.

Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase


Airwheel SE3S case shell is made of ABS + PC composite material, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to deformation, which can always be as new in daily use; box frame is reinforced with two groups of high-strength aluminum box frame, load up to 110kg, which can fully carry the weight of the rider, to protect the luggage inside the box from extrusion.



Airwheel SE3S mini scooter suitcase is planned with reasonable functional partitions, which can not only be loaded with the luggage items needed during the week during the journey, but also help the elderly transport the large bags after shopping when making daily purchases, or put in various items needed along with the trip such as thermos cups, clothes and medicines when playing chess or square dancing. Mobility + storage, it can't be more convenient.


It is worth equipping the aged with an Airwheel SE3S riding luggage to make their travels more labor-saving, convenient and passionate.

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